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Iteration Lab is a project-advancement triage center within Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture & Technology program. We deploy a three-part development framework pioneered by its directors, Profs. Evan Barba and J.R. Osborn, to help participants identify and transition projects into their next phase of development. 

The uniqueness of our approach lies in a universal framework that applies iterative methods regardless of discipline, application, domain, or goal. We meet participants where they are, addressing whatever situation they bring to the table, and help you reach the next iteration.

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Our framework

Projects may utilize any, or even all three of our iterative methods. Learn more about each method, and see real-life examples of how they were applied to different projects.

  • De-Iteration


    De-iteration techniques peel away layers of fundamental, hidden, or flawed assumptions to uncover the roots of an issue, where change can be most effective.

  • Cross-Iteration


    Cross-iteration techniques infuse new thinking to hybridize existing projects and reposition them for future success.

  • Re-iteration


    Re-iteration techniques sort through the complexity and new insights of previous stages to articulate a new project vision.

“The guidance they give brings a lot of clarity and helps bring the key things into sharp focus so that you are not stuck in a maze of endless questions of what to do next.”

“Dr. Barba and J.R. have a unique perspective on things, and helped me understand additional features that could be added to my software. They also helped me with my next steps.”

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